About Us

Our Mission

MakeUpDealsDirect.com is an online store selling over 20,000 items. Not all our items are available through MakeUpDealsDirect.com but are available through our sister websites,  Our mission is:

To build the best place for people to buy online — with great service, a huge selection of items and lowest overall price on every order compared to chain retail store’s and other online competitors.

We will do this by building a high quality store that is convenient, easy-to-use, has a huge selection and excellent service.

Many consumers are missing out on the convenience, selection and prices of online shopping .The big international players have ignored this part of the world because the market is too small. Local traditional retailers don’t want to risk a large investment online. We have taken up the challenge and will work hard to bring the everyone a quality and convenient online shopping experience.

We currently have a team of about 20 employees and we are always looking to hire and create more jobs in the here in the USA.